Claire’s passion is on nourishing from within.

She has been dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle for several years now after experiencing the powerful effects that natural nutrition has on her body.  She is a true believer in natural healing, balance and lifelong health.

Claire’s nutritional coaching journey started after dealing with chronic health issues and personally experiencing the powerful impact of proper nutrition and positive lifestyle changesThrough her own knowledge, extensive research, further education and learning the powerful impact of natural nutrition Claire managed to not only get to the root cause but reverse all her symptoms.  Going through her own health struggles not only inspired her career in nutrition but allowed her to truly understand how to help others with their own, coming from a place of knowledge, experience and compassion.

Healthy living is not a one size fits all journey and what may work for one person may not for another.  It is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the different information floating around about health, wellness and healing.  Claire’s approach is uniquely tailored and individually created to meet the needs of her clients.

Dedicated in making it simple to learn natural nutrition and the art of healthy living for real life, Claire’s mission is to help you transform daily practices to health habits.

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Claire Thomson

Nutrition Diploma